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Prof. Hubert Caron

Prof. Hubert Caron

Prof. Caron was head of Pediatric Oncology Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His main research interests are evidence-based medicine, (early) clinical trials, new drug development and tumor biology and late effects. He founded the Cochrane Childhood Cancer Review Group. He chairs the Dutch Childhood Oncology Group early clinical trial group and is an executive member of the European early clinical trial network for childhood oncology. His recent research involves the realization of personalized therapy for high-risk childhood cancer patients with molecularly targeted agents with a mechanism of action matching the tumor-driving genomic aberrations. He is currently the Global Development Leader for Pediatric Oncology in Roche.


Developing the Roche-Genentech Oncology portfolio for children with cancer

Prof. Hubert Caron

In his keynote lecture, Prof. Caron will share the scientific approach to assess drugs developed for adults for their paediatric potential and opportunities, as well as the clinical aspects of developing drugs in trials for children with cancer.