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抗癌防癌 全球視野 | Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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抗癌防癌 | 全球視野
Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

本次活動由 香港大學知識交流辦公室 主辦,全球腫瘤協作組(GCOG), 香港大學臨床腫瘤學系共同承辦 和 醫信滙 協辦。旨在為香港癌症患者建立一個非營利性的專業線上諮詢平臺,同時普及癌症預防、診斷和治療的知識,回答患者或其家屬及公眾的一些常見問題。 這一系列活動包括13個主題(一個關於腫瘤的全球整體觀點和12個具體的腫瘤)。希望這一系列活動能夠加強公眾對腫瘤防治管理原則的理解,並在生活中增強遵循這一系列重要原則的意識。這也是建立人們與腫瘤鬥爭的信心的一個好方法。
The series of live program is sponsored by Knowledge Exchange Office, HKU. It is jointly organised by Global Collaborative Oncology Group (GCOG) , Department of Clinical Oncology, HKU and is supported by MEDcentra as well.

The aim is to establish a non-profit medical professional online-consulting platform for Hong Kong cancer patients by gathering Global Multidisciplinary Experts Online simultaneously to popularize the knowledge about Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment and answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from patients, their families and general public.

This program series include 13 sessions (one overall global views and 12 specific kinds of cancers). Hope this series of activities can strengthen the public to understand and follow the important principle about cancer care management in their life. This is also a good way to build people’s confidence to fight with cancer.

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